Oksana Bolotova

Born on May 6, 1856 in Freiberg, Czech Republic. Then, because of the persecution of the Jews in his biography of Freud took the move with his family to the city Tysmenytsia Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine.

Freud’s psychoanalysis is based on the study of previously experienced traumatic experiences. Analyzing the dream as a message, it is to investigate the cause of the disease, thus giving the patient to recover. In addition to the analysis of Freud’s theory of dreams included the method of free association. In Freud’s life in 1900, the work was written, “The Interpretation of Dreams,” in it Freud theorized coherence sexual desires and neuroses.

Freud’s theory of personality considers man as a unity of three components: I, the superego, it is. I (ego) – preconscious, is responsible for the principle of reality. Superego (super-ego) – the conscience of the ego-ideal, It (id) – unconscious instincts. This philosophy of Freud’s division into a conscious, the unconscious is the basic premise of psychoanalysis.

The study of psychology Freud has devoted several works. His method of free association was represented by the uncontrolled flow of thoughts of the patient.

In 1938, in the biography of Sigmund Freud took another move: London. Max Schur, at the request of Freud, is undergoing significant pain due to cancer, gave him a dose of morphine is exceeded. From her Freud died September 23, 1939.